My name is Eric Castro. I am a Graphic Designer by day and not a superhero by night. Established in Dallas Texas and made in Midland Texas. I graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in '04 with an Associates degree then again in '07 with a Bachelors. Art has for most of my life been an awesome problem for me. In high school instead of homework I drew, In college instead of life drawing I designed. Instead of our mandatory math or english class homework friends and I would make posters based on crazy ideas and paste them around town pass them out to people. Even now instead of letting my dog out to take care of business I draw out a better look for my next project.

My style is influenced by my surroundings and interests. If I join a company I will bring new ideas and a new design style but I will also pick up the companies techniques as to not be a clashing character among the team.

Always evolve. You might find something amazing.

Website Design

Between Scene - 11-08
A tween clothing store In Dallas, Texas with some cool skate, surf, and BMX brands for boys and fancy couture brands for girls.

Dart Manufacturing - 8-08
Offers business accessories and writing instruments. the two of the top-selling promotional products categories all under one roof.

Dayton Jones - 2-09
The very talented Taylor Ellis came up with a comic book about a dead antihero who stole the devils gun. this is where we tell the story.

Free Puppies For Sale - 5-10
Is a book writen by Jessica lee on her trials and victories and just trying to get thru this thing called life.

Jemealee Apparel - 11-09
An art driven clothing line dedicated to inspiring the masses, and simultaneously giving back to the people who truly need it.